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They have used their immense financial and economic control of your global society as their jumping-off point. This planned action has another more sinister aspect: the use of advanced mind control technologies, mixed with a massive extermination of those deemed not suitable for their first ploy. This strategy would have brought your world into a Dark Age that strongly resembles the horrible last days of Atlantis.

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To counter these activities, we intend to put a massive wall of spiritual Light around your precious Mother Earth. This energy is very different from what we have done previously. It is an energy that can effectively deter any form of advanced photonic or psychic technology that your Secret Govermnet has acquired. You need to understand that your "Secret Elites" have a long history of applying these technologies. This history dates back to the first civilization created by the Annunaki [Nibiruans under the dark influence of their tyrant Marduk] in the immediate post-flood world.

Hence, it spans many, many millennia. Ever since Atlantis was destroyed, this dark energy has been employed for their own purposes. In addition, in the past few decades they acquired various types of Photonic weaponry. These technologies have been combined in devices called "Psychotronic Accelerators". These have the capability to twist time and space, as well as to vault you into multi-dimensional environments. Here is where our new spiritual Light Shield comes into use. The key to all the evil technology of which we have just spoken is special harmonics or tones.

Besides the wall of Light around your Planet, we are dutifully working on the adjustment of your Secret Government members' spiritual alignments.

The Challenge of Contact - Joining the Galactic Federation

At present, the Leaders who form this organization are composed of individuals whose alignments have been twisted from the Light to the Dark. Many ancient rituals and secret psychic practices have created this most ghastly situation.

To be inducted into the very highest levels of these organizations, you need to give your alignment to its Leaders to use as they please. This process moves you deeply into the dire influences of the Dark. A massive side-effect is that it moves your conscious ego into a position of having complete control over your mind and spirit. When you are caught in this emotional and mental mode, self-aggrandizement, accumulation of power and material things become your objective.

You see yourself as having to provide a complete loyalty to your superiors. You wish to do their bidding and you desire to become as they are.

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This twisted alignment has allowed the "Dark" to become overwhelming dominators of your Global Society. Their interlocked directorate has created world-wide councils that supervise your daily political, economic and religious lives. Yet, in spite of what they have done, they are seeking even more.

Our second stratagem is to reverse this alignment by letting in the Light. As this Light becomes able to "congeal" within them, they can be changed. Our grace is never-ending. We are determined to transform these now Dark Beings into sincere supporters of the Light. This gradual process is beginning to work. Our next step is to employ our developing Wall of Light for this Heavenly purpose. Every individual's alignment on your Planet is the responsibility of your Inner Council. This Angelic group sees that everyone's Divine purpose is accomplished.

April 10, In our Galaxy, the Intergalactic Union has just completed a series of important meetings in the Vega system. These meetings stressed the importance of moving your Global Society into "Full Consciousness" as quickly as possible. To do this, the Union has issued three Decrees. Each of them has the same basic theme: the remaining procedures required to fulfil our Divine tasks. One of these tasks involves our "First Contact" with you and its specific time frame.

These Decrees were delivered as a warning to your Secret Government on April 8th. Our clock formally starts to tick at hours GMT on April 15th.

Beloveds, our patience has run thin. It is time for your Secret Government to commence its compliance with Divine Law. From now on, compliance, and only compliance, shall be tolerated. For too long, your various worldly "Cabals" have continued to dillydally on what we occasionally request of them.

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This activity is not now an option for them. To accomplish our broad objectives, the local Spiritual Hierarchy has pledged that the "Bell-curve" required for the "First Contact" shall be in place by the end of the coming galactic month of Moan May 22nd, Before we come, minor tweaking by us shall be all that is necessary to have you 'up to speed'. From that moment on, your Secret Government knows that our arrival can happen whenever it befits us.

Our task is to move you into "Full Consciousness" when the Divine Plan so chooses. Our next task is to guide you as quickly as possible into the new and marvellous realm that you shall then inhabit. Your Secret Government needs to see that we sincerely mean what we have said.

To this end, we have moved around certain key covert experiments that they have in orbit around your world. In addition, we have shown them the type of technology that we in fact possess. Our purpose has been to demonstrate to your "Secret Elites" that even at very low levels of engagement, we have the necessary tools to back up our claims.

Your world and you, have been at the mercy of these callous Beings for far too long. The time has come to transform their truculence into obedience. They know that our Fleet is out there and that their potential escape routes have been cut off. This process has nonetheless not stopped their continual planning.

Somehow, your Secret Elites feel that their many forms of brinkmanship are their only remaining option. Hence, they have stepped up various wars [ie. Kosovo] and other oppressive actions now going on around your globe.

Information for Partners

Their rule seems to be some obtuse form of a 'scorched-earth' policy. Your Secret Government also knows that your Planet as well, is beginning to reach the end of its 'rope'. They realize that Mother Earth is close to a massive deterioration of its biosphere. This process would end most known life on your world. Your Sun is also in a bad way. Fortunately, and with the help of your local Spiritual Hierarchy and many inter-dimensional Orders of Elohim, we have been able to stabilize it. We fully understand why our task was made more difficult than it could have been.

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Your Secret Government hoped to use the Sun's increasing instability to cast your Planet's many electrical and communications grids into a series of sudden crises. They could then use these serious problems to test many new untried technologies that they currently possess.

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